Print based artist that 'breaks down everything before him' - Amanda Manitach



Artist Bio

Aidan Sakakini is a printmaker and painter who observes his surroundings fervently. He primarily works with etching, monoprint, screenprint and lithography to dance between their analogous capabilities. Sakakini keeps a small sketchbook by his side at all times, where features of architecture and human interaction that strike him are immortalized. Within these pages, he pieces together his sightlines and experiences with agile ballpoint lines, ink and watercolour. His marks and colour palette are directly influenced by the pace of the street, beat of the music, or intensity of conversation before him. These intimate sketchbooks are the cornerstone of his practice and become the foundation of the reflective process that follows. Through the laborious process of printmaking Sakakini renders an extension on his surroundings by allowing the memory of his experience to guide his markmanking and composition.


I Kissed The Mountains Twice on The Way Here.

There is a small sketchbook that is always by my side. Its pages steadily fill with acquaintances and complete strangers, social interactions, architectural prowess... It forms a timeline of my movements and observations.I am captivated by being a silent observer of the chaos that fuels our calm put together tweet worthy lives. Very rarely do we have time to sit and observe, and this is the bare bones of where my practice begins. As The Impressionist and Ashcan School artists my first intention is to capture the world as it is unseen.

My art evolves from watercolour and ink sketches to large monotypes (via what material, conceptual or emotional process)...Monotype provides painterly marks and I utilise this combined with layers to lean into ambiguity and the abstract as this is the memory. Colours vibrate and form is merely suggested to create a new experience of the medium that I explore. Through this process I create work prints that are stimulating at the first encounter but also reward further time spent.